Nestled within the heart of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, Nosara shines as a beacon for beach lovers and adventurers alike, offering some of the best beaches in Costa Rica. This enchanting area, celebrated for its pristine natural beauty and vibrant community spirit, promises a memorable escape into the essence of the Pura Vida lifestyle. For those lucky enough to find themselves near the welcoming doors of Tierra Magnifica, a treasure trove of coastal delights awaits exploration. Let’s dive into a friendly guide to the best beaches in Nosara, each beach painting its own unique stroke on the canvas of Costa Rica’s diverse coastline.

Playa Guiones: A Surfer’s Dream and More

Just a hop, skip, and a jump from Tierra Magnifica, Playa Guiones greets its visitors with open arms and rolling waves, making it a paradise for surfers and sun-seekers alike. Renowned for its consistent surf year-round, this beach is a place where beginners can catch their first wave and experienced surfers can challenge themselves. But there’s more to Guiones than just surfing. Its expansive sandy beach is a protected wildlife sanctuary with no development encroaching upon the surf making it the perfect location for long, reflective walks or simply lounging under the sun, making every moment here a soothing retreat. And, oh, the sunsets! They’re like watching the sky put on its best show just for you, every single night.

Playa Pelada: A Serene Hideaway

A short journey north from Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada offers a serene escape, making it a cherished spot for those looking to unwind in a more secluded setting. With its beautiful rocky outcrops and inviting tidal pools, Pelada feels like a world away from anywhere. Here, you can explore the natural blowhole or find your own peaceful corner in one of its sandy coves. The local eateries by the beach serve delicious meals with a view, adding a flavorful touch to your tranquil beach day.

Playa Nosara: The Road Less Traveled

For adventurers and those who cherish solitude, Playa Nosara is a gem waiting to be discovered. This less-frequented beach offers miles of unspoiled sands, perfect for peaceful walks, bird watching, or simply soaking in the serene vibes. Its untouched beauty showcases the best of Costa Rica’s wild coastlines, inviting you to enjoy a day of quiet reflection or joyful exploration without the crowds, as though you have washed up in an undiscovered beach.


Playa Garza: A Window into Local Life

Venture south from Tierra Magnifica to find Playa Garza, a charming fishing village where life moves at the gentle pace of the tides. This beach’s calm waters are ideal for a family-friendly day out, offering safe swimming and opportunities for kayaking and paddleboarding. Watching the local fishermen bring in their catch and sampling the freshest seafood straight from the ocean is an experience that connects you deeply with the authentic Costa Rican way of life. This quiet community includes 3 restaurants right on the beach.


Playa Ostional: Nature’s Marvel

A bit further afield lies Playa Ostional, famous for the awe-inspiring arribada of the Olive Ridley sea turtles. Witnessing thousands of turtles nesting on the beach is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that highlights the miraculous cycles of nature. July through November are the best months to come view the turtles. Beyond turtle watching, Ostional’s rugged beauty and powerful surf provide a backdrop for those seeking to immerse themselves in the natural wonders of Costa Rica’s coast.

A Friendly Invitation to Nosara’s Shores

Nosara’s beaches offer an array of experiences, from the lively surf culture of Playa Guiones to the tranquil beauty of Playa Pelada and the natural spectacle at Playa Ostional. Staying at Tierra Magnifica means you’re perfectly placed to dive into these coastal adventures. Whether you’re looking to ride the waves, find your zen, or connect with nature and local life, the best beaches in Costa Rica are here in Nosara, waiting to fill your days with joy and wonder. Come and discover these coastal gems for yourself, and let the spirit of Pura Vida infuse your soul with happiness and peace.