Huacas Restaurant

at Tierra Magnífica

Food crafted with ingredients from the surrounding community, the real flavors of Costa Rica.

We want you to taste the Earth and Ocean with every meal we prepare for you.



[$25] *tax included on all menu items

Homemade Natural Vegan Granola
Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Natural Yogurt & Organic Honey
Freshly Squeezed OJ


Made to Order

Típico Breakfast

Gallo pinto, homemade smoked sausage, eggs to taste, avocado and ripe

plantain, sour cream and fresh tortillas.

Costa Rican Burrito

Flower tortilla filled with Gallopinto, scrambled eggs, bacon and a blend
of traditional cheeses, side of ‘pico de gallo’ and guacamole.

Pujagua Pupusas

Purple corn tortilla from the area (pujagua), filled with refried beans and a variety of cheeses,

on a fresh sauce of roasted tomatoes, topped with baby arugula and a fried egg.

Avocado & Bacon Toast

Caramelized bacon over roasted cherry tomatoes, avocado and baby arugula.

Eggs Benedict

Poached eggs, smoked turkey, caramelized bacon over homemade english muffins,

topped with Hollandaise sauce

Gallos Breakfast

Homemade tortillas (3) , stuffed with scrambled eggs, sour cream, cilantro sprouts.

Huacas pancakes

A three story pancake tower, with fresh banana and strawberry slices,

Nutella, topped with all natural red berry and hibiscus sauce.



11:30AM – 5:00 PM

*tax included on all menu items

Create your Salad $18

Pick your favorite and freshest ingredients, and we’ll prepare your salad, just as you like it.

All of our salads come in a bed or organic mixed greens.

( Grilled Vegetables )

Baby zucchini, baby carrots, baby corn, baby squash, cremini mushrooms.

( Nuts & Seeds )

Almonds, cashews, pecans.

( Cheese )

Pick one: traditional Costa Rican cheeses: Turrialba, Palmito.

Others: Parmigiano-Reggiano, Cottage.

( Proteins )

Pick one: Chicken, Beef Tenderloin, Sea Bass, Shrimp (+$5) , Tuna, Fried Cheese.

( Dressing )

Pineapple-chipotle, homemade d’jon, cilantro-lime, caramelized onion,

spicy panamenian pepper-coconut, smoked aioli.

Traditional Costa Rican Casado $16

Rice, beans, fried sweet plantain, salad, potato ‘picadillo’.

Protein of your choice.

Fresh Pasta to Taste $18

Pesto, marinara, garlic and chili.

Protein to chose.

Gallos $16

Tacos (2) with proteins of your choosing.

Protein options: Beef tenderloin, chicken breast, Sea Bass, Shrimp.
Vegetarian options: Fried cheese, grilled mushrooms, grilled vegetables.

Dressing options: Pineapple-chipotle, homemade d’jon, cilantro-lime,
caramelized onion, spicy panamenian pepper-coconut, smoked aioli

Ask about our dessert options!



Sharing is Caring


Up to 4 People

5:30PM – 9:00 PM

*tax included on all menu items

Cantina $50

Our version of a Costa Rican pub classic.

Green banana ‘patacon’ crisps, ceviche, roasted pejibaye hummus, smoked
pork belly bits, yuca chips seasoned with powdered cilantro, roasted
‘tacaco’, smoked aioli, pickled vegetables in vinegar, coffee black bean sauce.

Sweet Jungle $45

A selection of our sweetest and juiciest fruits, a variety of cheeses and honeys from the area.

Green mango in acid and spicy sauce, sweet carambola, melon, water
apple (seasonal), creamy goat cheese, powdered tapa dulce, powdered
bagaces cheese, palmito cheese, cashew seeds, traditional Guanacaste

donuts, sugar cane honey from the area and guava jam.

Street Food Sampler $65

Mini Huacas Burgers (4), crunchy fries, crispy chicken strips, a sample of
each of our homemade sauces, lamb spheres with cheese sauce (4)



5:30PM – 9:00 PM

*tax included on all menu items

Tuna Tartar $12

Fresh tuna topped with purple onions, shredded coconut, fresh
thyme leaves, Panamanian chili, baby zucchini, avocado and rose
honey, accompanied by cilantro seasoned crunchy chips.

Market Ceviche $8

Costa Rican ceviche stands out for its sweet accents.
Sea bass in lime, with ginger and grapefruit juice, purple onion,
sweet chili and cilantro, accompanied by green banana patacon crisps.

Vuelve a la Vida (Sangrita) $12

Shrimp, octopus and Sea Bass in tomato juice flavored with
Panamanian chili, cilantro and purple onion, accompanied by
accompanied by green banana patacon crisps.

Coconut Ceviche $8

Fresh Sea Bass in coconut ‘leche de tigre’, cilantro, fresh thyme
leaves, crunchy onions, nuts, accompanied by green banana patacon crisps.
Extra spicy version available.

Pejibaye Hummus $8

Roasted pejibayes puree, garlic, lemon juice, cashew butter.

Accompanied by seasonal vegetables.

Empanadas $8

Two small corn ’empanadas’ filled with hashed potatoes and smoked meat.

Topped with cabbage salad and the homemade sauces.

Starters: Salads

*tax included on all menu items

Russian Salad $10

Grilled beets, hard boiled quail egg, homemade mayo, roasted limes and garlic potatoes.

Pegibaye Dots Salad $10

Pegibaye croquettes, cherry tomatoes, roasted cashews,
tangerine wedges, smoked sugar cane dressing and homemade mayo.

Palmito Chicken Salad $15

Roasted heart of palm, cilantro crusted chicken breast, grilled
juicy pineapple, fresh croutons and rose-hibiscus dressing.


Main Dishes

5:30PM – 9:00 PM

*tax included on all menu items

Fried Chicken (Costa Rican Street Food Style) $16

Breaded with fried tortilla chips and spiced with dried house
herbs. Accompanied by yuca &carrot puree and an organic mixed greens salad.

Huacas Steak Frites $35

Grilled prime New York Steak, accompanied by herbed potato
wedges, Costa Rican chimichurri with cas, an organic salad, and homemade sauces

Esteban de Oro $20

Fresh and delicious green curry with your choice of ‘chicken
breast’ or ‘catch of the day’, over a bed of cashew coconut
arborio rice, grilled juicy pineapple and an organic green salad.

Pad Thai Shrimp $24

Rice noodles, orange sauce sauteed shrimp, fresh vegetables,

bean sprouts, peanuts, fresh chives.
Extra spicy version available.

Mar y Tierra $28

Bed of wood-fired minced ‘arracache’, grilled beef tenderloin,
caramelized grilled octopus with tamarind honey.

Curcuvina Queen $20

Butter Sea Bass over a bed of baked potatoes & creamy turmeric

sauce with organic micro greens.

Huacas Burger $12

Homemade Brioche bread, beef/falafel/portobello patty, organic
mixed greens, tomato, balsamic vinagre caramelized onions,
‘palmito’ cheese, molasses bacon bits, special dressing.
Accompanied by potato and yuca fries with cilantro-lime dressing.



*tax included on all menu items

Las Patronales $8

Freshly made churro bites with ‘dulce de leche’ (Costa Rican caramel) ice

cream and caramelized nuts.

Our favorite!

Prestiños & Cocadas $8

Prestiños, a crispy treat, bathed in cane honey with homemade coconut

ice cream and coconut bits.

Guayabita $8

Guava ice cream with bitter chocolate

Pecan Pie $10

Homemade bacon & maple syrup ice-cream

Brownie $8

Homemade hibiscus ice-cream, topped with honey-hibiscus sauce