El Sendero de Serenidad

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In the summer of 2018, Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel opened up El Sendero de Serenidad, their brand new Waterfall Nature Trail & Forest Decks nestled deep down in the surrounding jungle for guests to enjoy.

To visit this mystical location, guests follow a path beginning at Tierra Magnifica’s Spa & Yoga Pavilion that winds around the property through tropical flora and fauna, down the wood crafted stairs, over two serenity viewing decks and on to a flowing waterfall and swimming hole.

Tierra Magnifica’s guests find themselves lost in another world, floating in the refreshing water, breathing the ionized crisp air and looking up to through the treetops at the blue sky above. But what’s getting the most attention is the story upon the discovery and creation behind it.

We asked owner and creator of Tierra Magnifica, Steve Jacobus, to give us a look into the history of this natural beauty. “Back in 2005, when we bought the property that is now the Tierra Magnifica Boutique Hotel, my boys were 7, 8 and 10 years old and at the peak of their adventurousness,” he reflected back. “On one particular afternoon in rainy season, when the boys were anxiously seeking out their next big adventure, I did what every good Dad would do… I gave them rubber boots and a machete and sent them loose in the jungle surrounding the property. They would come back with exciting stories and even some new pets.”

As one would imagine, three brothers, a machete and the thick Costa Rican rainforest calls for an epic adventure.

“They were whacking their way through the dense jungle leaves one afternoon and then, without even knowing what was ahead, they found this stunning waterfall!” Steve said. 

They quickly returned back home in excitement to share their findings, and begin working away at clearing a trail. “The trail you use today is the original trail the boys made back in 2005! How cool is that? They were real explorers, in their own backyard,” Steve exclaimed. 


The trail was reconstructed this summer for a more durable, easier to maintain pathway that can be enjoyed by our guests. It includes hand rails for our older visitors and stairs made with stable metal supports.

So why was it time to reconstruct and open this nature sanctuary to the public?

Steve replied, “to be honest, I was seeking out a summer project for my now college age boys and their buddies to do while they were in town. We have a work for food and bed policy with our kids. I’ve always wanted to offer something more for our guests, something that would give them an adventure right on site. The nature trail has been on my to-do list for a while and this seemed like the perfect time to bring back a memory from their past.”


He continued, “our kids are part of the heart and soul of Tierra Magnifica and I thought it would be great to have a new guest amenity that my boys created and will be proud of.  Maybe they’ll walk this path with their own children some day and share the story of how it was discovered and built.”

Steve explained how he believes that another nature experience right at Tierra Magnifica truly enhances guests’ experiences.  So far the feedback of El Sendero de Serenidad has been wonderful.

The staff agreed that it has exceeded their expectations and they’re thrilled that visitors are eager to wander the trail, enjoy the serenity decks and take a dip on the waterfall pool.

“It’s my own go-to space to find my inner-peace.” Steve chimed in.

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