Chapter 3. Gastronomy.

Huacas Restaurant


“One can not think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Virginia Woolf

Food and mixology locally sourced and personally prepared.

The real flavors of Costa Rica

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Food and mixology crafted with ingredients from the surrounding community, the real flavors of Costa Rica.

We want you to taste the Earth and Ocean with every meal we prepare for you.

Our main restaurant, Huacas, is located at the center of the resort, where you’ll find personally spaced  tables and chairs for you to enjoy a leisurely meal or just to appreciate the view.

At Huacas you’ll embark on unique dining journey, where our team of chefs will adapt our menu to your dietary preferences, while maintaining our gastronomic fusion that plays with the traditional Costa Rican flavors. Grass-fed Beef, Free-range Chicken, Fresh Seafood, Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Keto… Let us know what your preferences are and we’ll make each day a delectable surprise.

*All dietary restrictions and desires are happily accommodated.

The beautiful open-air bar at Huacas is a natural gathering place, featuring our skilled mixologist.

The bar is the agora of the resort, where we convene and exchange ideas in the fresh open air. If you’re a fan of avant garde and exciting drinks, this may be your favorite spot. Feel the warm breeze travel up the mountain and lighten your spirits as you gaze out on an ocean backdrop and sit back with a custom curated cocktail in hand.

Don’t hesitate in sharing with our mixologist the mood you’re in and the flavors you are craving; our specialty is creating your new favorite libation.

Our secret ingredients are the products we procure from our neighbors

Nosara is a community recognized for its healthy lifestyles and culture of wellness. Located in a Blue Zone: a region of the world where people live longer than average, our coastal town is surrounded with hilltops and valleys that are perfect for growing a great variety of crops.

We honor this with the drinks and meals we serve at Huacas, prepared with fresh products raised or caught by our friends in the community. Our plates are handcrafted by a family in the Chorotega community, an indigenous group located in the northern village of Guaitil. Not only are each of our meals delectable, but they’re locally-sourced, season-based, organic and grass fed – because that’s how food should be.

From soil and sea to the table, your meal was raised, crafted and presented with loving hands.