When Are the Best Times to Book a Flight to Costa Rica?

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You can spend your well-deserved vacation by booking a flight to Costa Rica. However, as you plan your trip, you want to determine the best times to fly to your captivating destination. 


The dry season (mid-December to April) works best for people who want to explore the rainforests and lounge by the beaches. On the other hand, the green season (May to November) works best if you’re going to enjoy the lower prices and don’t mind occasional rain. 


Either way, booking a boutique hotel room and flight three months in advance is still best to secure a spot. 


This article will discuss when are the best times to book a flight to Costa Rica. 


When Is the Best Weather?

The best weather highly depends on the location and time of the year. The thick forests on the Caribbean Sea coast and the Northern plains are usually warm and humid all year round. On the other hand, the North Pacific has lower humidity levels, but the temperatures typically rise during Costa Rica’s dry season. 


If you want to unwind on the beach and enjoy the sunny days, we recommend visiting the northwest beach area of Guanacaste. It’s best to see this Costa Rica zone in January, February, and March because it’s very dry during these months. 


Mid-December to April

The dry months in Costa Rica are the most popular time to attract tourists and sunshine. It’s also the best season to explore the country’s breathtaking beaches and luscious rainforests. Moreover, it’s the perfect time to witness Quetzals and green turtles hatch. 


These times of the year are the best time to participate in vibrant fiestas with live music, dancing, and bullfights. The San Jose temperatures remain in the 70s all year round, while the Northern Plains and coasts like Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula experience soaring temperatures of 90 degrees. 


Several North American and European visitors book flights to Costa Rica in December and January to escape the freezing temperatures and bask in Costa Rica’s beauty and sun. However, booking a reservation in advance is crucial to get a spot. 


Must-See Events in the Dry Season

To enjoy the country’s rich culture, you can witness the El Tope, Carnival, and the Festejos Populares in December. We recommend catching the Palmares, Santa Cruz, and Diablitos in January while relaxing at the Copa del Cafe. 


If you want to learn about the country’s flowers, you should attend the National Orchid Show in March. You can also witness Juan Santamaria Day in April.


May to November 

On the other hand, the rainy or green season welcomes fewer tourists and works best for people who love some drizzle. Drier areas will also experience showers in the afternoon or evening, which don’t usually last long. 


The Caribbean coasts will also experience showers until September and October when the sunshine starts peaking. However, you may not reach the remote places because the unpaved roads can sometimes be impassable. Fortunately, you can visit Costa Rica in July and August to witness the country’s breathtaking wildlife without getting drenched. Like booking a trip during the high season, we recommend booking a reservation a few months before you go. 


Must-See Events in the Green Season

If you want to enjoy the wonders of Costa Rica during the low season, you can witness the Virgin of the Seas Fiesta and Annexation of Guanacaste Day in July. You can also join the locals to celebrate their Independence Day in September. 


Moreover, we recommend participating in the Maiz Fiesta and Limon Carnival in October.


Finding the Right Time

Everybody deserves to relax by basking in the captivating beauty of Costa Rica. Determining when to go according to your preference and booking a boutique hotel in advance can help you enjoy your stay.


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