The Holiday season is here and with that comes the whirlwind of events we all know too well — holiday parties, eating, family gatherings, drinking, wrapping, mistletoeing… did we say eating?

Before you fall into the black hole of Holiday sales, we have an epic gift idea for you (pssst, it’s better than Oprah’s 2016 Favorite Things List). This year, up the ante to your relatives with a gift that will secure your deserving position of “The Best Gift Giver in the Family.”

It’s the one-size fits all, Unisex gift that will generate shouts of “NO WAY”  “SERIOUSLY?” “WE ALL GET TO GO?”  ……..  BUT, a word of wisdom, open all the other gifts first so they may have their due.

If you are planning to give the Pura Vida Present this holiday shoot us an email and we’ll send you the ALE PURA VIDA PRESENT gift card to put under your tree. We’ll even send a couple if there’s going to be a fight over who gets to open it.

Remove the stress of getting everyone to agree on a destination, because in Costa Rica there’s something fun to do for all ages and interests– from zip lining and waterfalls, to volcanoes and beaches, to surfing and stand up paddle boarding, to hiking and wildlife-watching.

The hardest part about planning a trip will be narrowing down your itinerary and activities from the plethora of amazing things to see and do. But have no fear, our Travel Designer will help you craft the perfect itinerary that covers everyone’s wishes and leaves you with the trip of a lifetime.

Whether you’re looking for a customized trip for you and the family, or would like to go ‘hands-free’ and join us on one of our exclusive adventures, we’ll make sure it’s an unforgettable experience.

If you’re interested in crafting your own custom family trip with us, we’re just a phone call away and looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact info@activatedlife.com.

Our exclusive adventures are specialty-crafted and designed to give you and your family a truly authentic, adventure packed trip that we’ve been serving to our guests for years. They’re tried and true, and a favorite to many!


Imagine seven days completely immersed in the culture and tradition of a Latin American seaside community, surrounded by abundant wildlife and breathtaking views.

Our exclusive one & two week programs combine 17 hours of Spanish instruction with a selection of activities, tours & family time that will create memories for a lifetime, and breakthroughs in learning a second language.

Click here for more information on the Spanish Family Camp.


If you’re looking for the ultimate experience of Costa Rica and a ‘see-it-all’, this adventure is no doubt for you! This itinerary touches every cool part of the country and gives you a truly authentic experience in each location. No resorts, no typical tourist offering.  No planning and figuring out how to get from point A to Point B—we have it all covered!

Click here for more information on The Ultimate Taste of Costa Rica Family Adventure.


This 7 day all-inclusive escape to one of the top 20 surf beaches in the world and the top-rated vacation property in Costa Rica for the past 5 years in a row is a fabulous tropical vacation, perfect for every member of the family.

It’s a full-on family vacation loaded with activities, adventures, cultural experiences and personal rejuvenating indulgences that will exceed everyone’s expectations. From top-notch surfing and canopy zip lining, to jewelry making and Costa Rican cooking classes, to yoga, beach soccer and evening bonfires—we have something for everyone!

Click here for more info on the Ultimate Family Surf & Adventure Vacation. 

To hear about our other exclusive adventures or learn more about those mentioned above, please contact info@activatedlife.com

See you in paradise!

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